'Be anxious for nothing..." ~Philippians 4:6

Thursday, November 24, 2016


Not interested in day to day
Hassle-free is best, I say
Let someone else pick up the tab
The sponsorship is up for grabs
There are things I don't care to see
So far, that's worked out fine for me
I get the best they have to give
Occasional, and positive
Pay to play will never be
Fuel for insecurity
History has proven why
The situation works out fine
Chalk it up to Chemistry
Souls and hearts and minds in sync
A zone that few will ever know
Even as they enjoy the show

It's best when everyone decides
The truth only improves with time
It's funny how they think you're sad
With all-access to what they have
What they fear most is, it's your call
One word from you could change it all
That one word is a simple "Yes"
They must say "No" a lot, I guess

You share a stage, they share a phone
And so they smile; leave you alone
Don't want to know the things you know
Except how they can be the show
They think they've won--don't see the prize
Is hidden in twelve glancing eyes
And their two aren't involved at all
Delusion keeps their vision small

It's sad to watch them try to mold
And tame a free, creative soul
And in the name of Love, deny
All that feeds and gives them life
All of our minds are fixed on this
One day, they'll understand the biz
And how they can never compete
How they should just concede defeat
Or quickly learn to sing or play
But that won't guarantee they'll stay

My mind's on it; it's mind's on me
It's like holy matrimony
And for so long that's how it's been
And only we can make it end
They could relieve a lot of stress
If they'd stop trying to possess
What can't be held or even seen
A longing; a necessity
That can't be bought, and can't be bribed
That won't diminish; won't subside

I understand, and that's the piece
That keeps drawing their energy
I know it's more than others see
I know because it lives in me

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