'Be anxious for nothing..." ~Philippians 4:6

Sunday, February 27, 2011


It's not over yet, but the day has been beautiful--warm enough to get away with just a shawl. The last few days have been interesting weather wise. Rainy, sunny, windy, warm, cold--like all 4 seasons want to make an appearance in the same day.
I spent a little time just looking out of the window when I got up. Thick, fluffy, white clouds were rolling by, and I smiled each time I could see the beautiful blue of the sky through an opening in one of them. I noticed what will soon be leaves on the limbs of the tree nearest the window. I also noticed that all of the dead leaves don't drop off in the Fall. Some just hang on by a thread-- through Winter and into Spring. That was a message in it self.
I had a little more energy it seemed, this morning; didn't dawdle nearly as much--still watered plants and Swiffered the floor, though. Seems like I showered, did my hair, and got dressed in a lot less time, too.

I experienced the wonder that is Wegman's on the way to church. Getting to the actual store was like the pathway to Oz. The parking lot looked like between services at a mega church--minus the parking ministry. Once inside, there was more of nature to admire, too. The produce was just so gorgeous! I was gawking at stuff that I don't even eat! "Devotion", beautifully sung by Ledisi was coming over the speakers. Everyone was smiling; polite. It was like Oz. We found the corn and eggplant--wanted it to be larger, but settled on the baby variety, and headed to church.
The choir sang at Zion today. They even sang Kirk Franklin's "Smile". It's hard to sing it and NOT smile...: )
Devin Turner was excellent today as he encouraged everyone to "make purity your priority; seek freedom form anything that pollutes." He said, "We see something with our eyes, process it with our thoughts, then we produce it with our actions." This weeks charge is to "Confess sin, get away from temptation, and get around inspiration..."
It was especially great to see Pastor Battle, and know he's recovering well. He talked about the state of someone with a pulmonary embolism, Coumadin, and as he talked--as when ANYONE talks about PE, I thought of Mommy. Funny how you can rejoice and feel sadness at the same time. Her doctors prescribed Coumadin and their words left her anxious and fearful, TOO--so fearful that she rarely spent time in the kitchen, wouldn't handle knives; was so afraid to be cut. I sat there, happy for him, yet wishing Mommy had been given a more optimistic outlook by her doctors so that she didn't so drastically limit her activities. I'm still thankful, though. Mommy was a preemie, 1lb,1 oz. That she lives 66 years was a miracle, and a testament to the grace of God.

It really is a beautiful day, and Lisa's eggplant dish turned out well. I actually watched eggplant sweat, today. I suppose there's a first time for everything. I'm not looking to become a vegetarian, but I do like that I'm adding different things to my diet in my old age...Kinda fits in with the whole "no pollution" message...: )

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