'Be anxious for nothing..." ~Philippians 4:6

Saturday, February 19, 2011


This evening's plans were canceled. From about 6 months ago, until about 12:42AM, I thought I had somewhere to be today between 6 and 8PM. Had I not gotten up to better arrange my bedding (It's getting a little warm here in DC, and the comforter was a bit much for a woman of a certain age), I wouldn't have known about my newly empty itinerary until this morning.
I hadn't purchased anything to wear--was just going to wear something I already had. I'd done some work in preparation, but artwork is never a pain in the neck, a waste or energy, or money. I'm actually liking the notion that the day is mine.
After a trip to the bathroom and to the kitchen to replenish my glass of water, I didn't get back to sleep until after 3AM. I used the temporary insomnia to tinker with a drawing while listening to the "Opie's Charity" episode of TAGS. (I also noticed that the main street is quite the raceway at night.)

I used to be sad, even frustrated about canceled plans, especially if it was something to which I had been looking forward. Now, I just smile and wonder what it is that I was supposed to be doing that I didn't know about. I wonder what God was keeping me from, or directing me to.
I talked to my baby sister this morning. She shared her experience with visiting a sick friend. At the end of the conversation, I felt even more thankful, and grateful--not just for health and freedom of mobility--but for time. Sometimes we feel like it's wasted and we lament not being able to get it back. Every minute is precious, though. What is done, or not done today, can impact tomorrow--in good, productive ways..: )

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