'Be anxious for nothing..." ~Philippians 4:6

Saturday, February 19, 2011


The sound of men...not sure what they were responding...not sure what the leader was saying...but it moved through the air and the muffled sound made it's way through my windows and into my room. A cadence call. Thought about Louis Gossett for some reason...It WAS a cadence call. Startled, I spilled my customary glass of water that is usually gone before I go to sleep. Vase fell. Fortunately it was already on the floor. WHAT TIME IS IT? What IS that. I went to the window.
Recruits were making the curve onto the main street from the hilly street they'd just run down. Next exercise? Run UP my street. They were running around the neighborhood giving everyone a wake-up call whether they wanted it or not. Leaders with flags flying were running a few feet ahead. A red emergency vehicle was creeping a little distance behind them--lights flashing--and temporarily blocking traffic. The sound amplified as they were running up the middle of my street. Dream over. Good morning. Hello sunshine. I'm awake.
Glad that people still want to serve our city. Yesterday, I just wanted them to do it a little quieter. But it's alright. Just part of living in the city. I wonder if they do this in NW, too?...: )

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