'Be anxious for nothing..." ~Philippians 4:6

Wednesday, February 16, 2011


It's been a good day. Restful. Peaceful. Feeling free; grateful.
I have to admit I had a little anxiety about the filming last night. I still have no idea what I said...3-2-1 and I think I forgot my name. I'm just hoping something coherent can be salvaged in the editing. I thought of all KINDS of things to say on the drive home...fine time.
I was still smiling about last night's dream and how the phone ringing this morning played in to it. It was great talking to Sharon Bell Mathis. Her voice was so cheerful and bright. If a really great musical dream HAD to be interrupted, good that it was someone you are happy to hear from.
Watching the unusually large number of birds convene on the lawn this morning was encouraging, too. God takes care of everything.
My baby is still diligently studying for the bar exam. God, I admire her work ethic and discipline.
Just a few thoughts in response to some things I've heard and read today:

It's not always disobedience. Sometimes it's a decision--based on biblical recommendation-- that you are not to be deceived, or taken in by a manipulative, deceitful, self-promoting program or individual. People who think your beginning and end is with them and what they have to offer-- as a result of their perceived, self-made effort--is something you SHOULD want, take one side. People who don't want anything so badly as to bow to anyone except God, take another.

It's hard to take a stand if you're waiting and too willing to accept a call and and an offer from either side. No sense getting your nose all good and brown, and then finding out you were on the wrong side of the argument.

If God is doing the step ordering, those supposed missed cues in life are actually great escapes. Rejoice. If not, commence with the regrets.

In a mismatch, there's always a predictable resolution--except in cases of divine intervention.

Before you can intelligently add to a conversation, you have to know what people are talking about...otherwise, you're just changing the subject.

Ordered steps just might include the occasional ant bed, and hidden poop in the grass.

...and under the category of thanking God in everything--

I'm very happy about the new left turn signal...the occasional sounds of impact and brakes screeching weren't pretty...and now, we have observed what the SIDE of a sidewalk and tree roots look like long enough...hoping that more tax dollars at work will bring on the new sod and grass.

Song Of The Day--
"Tread So Humbly"...I ran across it on youtube. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mnauwfwGnlk

The words, written by Helen Savari-Renold have stuck with me all day. I want to learn it. I want to sing it...: )

Wisdom calls out to you
Heed the calling my son
On your knees
Receive the truth
You will no feel need to fear or run

Take to heart your father's words
Heed the calling my child
Only fools refuse the warning
They'll regret having been so beguiled

Wisdom calls
Won't you hear her voice pleading
Don't despise what she points out to you
Tread so humbly, tread so humbly before the Lord our God
You'll begin to know

Wisdom warns
Won't you hear her voice crying
Not to walk with those who do entice
Tread so humbly, tread so humbly before the Lord our God
You'll begin to see

Oh do not be wise merely in your own eyes
Won't you come humbly before your God

Wisdom calls out to you
Heed the calling my son
On your knees receive the truth
You will feel no need to fear or run

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