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Monday, March 7, 2011


I remember thinking, "Oh no. Not another talk show". With each promo, I wondered, "Will this be GOOD?" That little seed of caution planted in most Black people of a certain age was sprouting again. "Please be good. Please represent well. Please don't embarrass US. Please have longevity. Please don't confirm stereotypes. Please be relevant"...It's a lot of pressure to put on a person.
At first it was a guilty pleasure. Now I'm just plain proud of Wendy Williams. Yes. You can be proud of a total stranger, and wish them well. Not only is she funny, but there is a down-to-earth, just plain folks something about her. She's honest, straightforward, transparent, and just opinionated enough not to be offensive. She is the epitome of the slogan, "Do you". I always laugh when she's asked a question and gives just the OPPOSITE reply that the audience member is seeking. She's articulate, wise and witty. She keeps "it" real in a way that real isn't confused with ignorance, and lack of home training. Her show never pretends to be the height of philosophy or critical information, but it does manage to put a smile on your face--and who can't use a smile every now and then?
The sound of the musical guests is impressive, too. None of that "in a can" annoying imbalance that you hear in live television performances.

I took a break from TV for almost 2 months. I watched the Aretha Franklin interviews, though, and realized I was getting all misty--and remembered how much I came to like the Wendy Show. In the interview, her gratitude came through, as did her genuine respect of people, and admiration of their accomplishments. Her questions weren't condescending, invasive or inappropriate. Her manner was kind.
I get the feeling that she is so enjoying what she does, and so appreciative of the opportunity. She's shining her light. Shouldn't everyone? She's making the most of her abilities. Taking advantage of now. Learning from the past. Comfortable in her own skin. Dismissing naysayers. Taking risks. Cultivating confidence. Having faith...Having a ball. Shouldn't we all? Don't we all have dreams, and when they materialize, it's darn near impossible not to let the world know how thankful you are--especially when you know that there is no guarantee that you will actually get what you want?
Good for you, Wendy Joan.
"...sometimes all it takes is just someone to say certain things." ~Aretha Franklin

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