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Wednesday, March 23, 2011


On facebook and other social networking sites, we have the opportunity to engage strangers as a result of common friendships. Yesterday, someone sent an inbox message (in all caps) to another friend about a thread on my wall in which they both commented, but disagreed. I deleted and blocked the sender who decided to take her argument off of the wall and negatively, and ignorantly engage someone she didn't even know. I've been very lax about accepting friend requests, but yesterday reminded me that I didn't like bullies when I was in grade school--and still don't. Religious bullies are even worse.

People are certainly entitled to their opinions, but how they convey them is key.
Some people have had their hands and feet bound by denominational ideals for so long that nothing in them is circulating except a desire for others to suffer in ignorance with them. So many people have been falsely converted; have joined organizations thinking it means that they are now perfect, superior to others, qualified to be judges, juries and executioners, and are God's official spokespeople. They are right-fighters, armed with the very useless rules and regulations that they have been led to believe are the Gospel. Sadly, it's easier for some people to perpetuate the lies and fairy tales have always been taught, and argue their validity, than to actually pick up a Bible, read it for themselves, recognize and admit they have been manipulated and misinformed, and begin to embrace THE truth, and enjoy abundant life.

There are occasions when you speak without thinking. When writing, you have an opportunity to read what you wrote to yourself, and decide whether it is appropriate to send. Before anyone else can understand what you meant to convey, you have to. When writing, all that a reader can go by are the words they see. When you don't take the time to weigh your own words, you'll always be offended the responses you get, blame others for misunderstanding, and find yourself forever putting out fires that YOU started.
Sure, some people are always trolling for something/anything that you say to pounce upon--sometimes for no other reason than that they don't like you, and seek to embarrass you. They're looking for a fight, and will try to take out of context anything you say or do. That's when you definitely have to be sure about your position, and be able to back it up with evidence, about which, no one would be willing to refute.

P.S. You really shouldn't run to debate people who actually read and study the Bible when your best argument is what your beloved denomination teaches. Even when your denomination teaches what's actually IN the Bible it's not a good idea to browbeat people. I don't care what church you belong to, or what you've always heard, it's best to read for yourself and find out if what you're spreading is helping people to come to Christ, driving them away, or keeping YOU bound and ignorant. 
Some people have foolishly mistaken religion and church affiliation with salvation. It's well known that Christians are a "peculiar people". Let's try not to add "misinformed, self-righteous, argumentative bullies" to the description.

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