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Thursday, March 17, 2011


I've really been enjoying Channel 50.2 Antenna TV on WDCW. Looks like I have one more reason to put off subscribing to cable.
I love old movies and classic television shows. This morning, the television was watching me as I worked on a design, but I found myself distracted as I listened to the lyrics of "Tonight, and Every Night". It really blessed me--so much so that I searched for the lyrics. I couldn't find them, so I turned to good old reliable youtube. Sure enough, there was a clip of Rita Hayworth performing the song that was performed earlier in the film by Janet Blair. I learned that neither of them were actually singing. Martha Mears, had done what she'd become known for--lending her lovely voice to Hollywood starlets who were beautiful, but couldn't sing beautifully. Her efforts were often uncredited, but it doesn't take away from the fact that, 66 years later her voice is still being appreciated.
I was moved to type the lyrics as I listened. It's such an encouraging song...: )

Lyrics by Sammy Cahn
Music by Jule Style
Sung by Martha Mears

If you've a faith like mine
The stars are bound to shine
The skies will all be bright
Tonight and every night
So keep your spirits high
The clouds will all go by
We've got a goal to sight
Tonight, and every night

Say! Hi there Chum!
Why so glum?
Things could be much worse
And how about you Lad?
Why so sad?
How can we go forward when you're in reverse?

If you agree with me
Let's add some harmony
So what if it's not right?
Whatever song is played
Will help your worries fade
And make your cares take flight
Tonight and every night

We're gonna win
Come on grin
Therein lies our might
We'll go on, and on, and on
Tonight and every night
Tonight and every night

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