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Thursday, July 13, 2017


I'm grateful for friends who make sure I get out of the house...lol

I'm still smiling about last night's outing to Georgetown. It proved, once again, that good Music really does heal, refresh and inspire! 
It's good when you not only support musicians and singers because you are acquainted with them, but because you can honestly applaud the excellence they have to offer. You admire their diligence, work ethic, integrity, and they're just that impressive and skilled at what they do. Their value is so much more than the cost of the ticket.

I absolutely love live , unfooled-around-with music, and the incomparable, and ever so humble Judge Williams, Jr. did not disappoint. Both shows at DC's historic Blues Alley were sold out. My friend Andrea and I concluded that the late show would undoubtedly be greater than the early show. I can't even imagine if we were wrong...lol... 
It was just nice to be among friends I hadn't seen in a while, enjoy delicious shrimp, and applaud great musicianship. We had perfect seats, the sound was perfect, too, (Dean!!!!!) and the band, (PJ Morgan, Nathaniel Fields, Aaron Hardin, Matthew Sampson, and Eddie Bacchus, Jr.) was sooooo good! Bacchus was especially superb on sax (all of them) --not busy, loud, or overbearing in such an intimate space, but perfectly in sync with Jay, and providing for me anyway, what a stellar vocalist would have offered. The lone voice of the set belonged to Antonio Covington, and he was outstanding, but at the end, Jay gave everyone a brief reminder that he can carry a tune, too
 You could tell these guys were enjoying performing together. From start to finish, it really was one of the best concerts I've attended. 

Click on the link to order or download "Just Because" , new music from an all-around nice guy, world-renowned drummer, and self-professed "church boy" who, in spite of the stellar roster of notable artists for whom he has kept incredible beats, has always been musically supportive of just about everyone in the DMV--including me

I bought a spare...: )


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