'Be anxious for nothing..." ~Philippians 4:6

Thursday, September 8, 2016


Her smile makes me smile. She is one of the people on Earth who brings my dimples out of hiding. All she has to do is show up. Her spirit is refreshing. I am so proud of her. If she weren't my daughter, I'd be honored to have her as a friend. I'm thankful that she is a woman of faith who loves, respects, and accepts herself. She's wise, smart, thoughtful, generous, witty, independent, and responsible-- and I love her sense of humor. As we sat in Hoffman theater the other day watching "Florence Foster Jenkins", it occurred to me how much I love hearing her laugh. It's a great, melodic, infectious one. To know that she is happy, safe, and secure brings me great joy. 

I love that we have the same taste in music and art. She's become a bit of a foodie and is mindful of her health. I'm happy about that.  Today is her birthday. It's a work day, and of course she'll be in her office plugging away. Didn't I say she was responsible? She has such an admirable work ethic. She's a beautiful young woman and I'm grateful that God picked me to be her mom. It's nice to know that there's someone who loves you unconditionally; who'll be honest and always have your back. I'll always have hers.

It doesn't matter how old or tall she is. That's my baby, and I couldn't be more delighted...: )

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