'Be anxious for nothing..." ~Philippians 4:6

Sunday, April 24, 2011


The sunshine has given way to thunder, lightening and rain, but it's okay. It's still a beautiful day. The service at Zion today was so inspiring. Kindness, generosity, service, compassion, unselfishness and giving were in the air! God has a way of restoring your belief that there really are more good people in the world than bad. It may seem like it sometimes, but everyone is not mean, nasty and rude. There is so much to smile about; to rejoice about.

I was straightening up a little and ran across the notes I scribbled as I flew to Frankfurt last week. I had written all over my checkbook in every available blank space; on my itinerary, and Super Shuttle receipt. It helped me so much to write. Any other response to my unfortunate ordeal might have been problematic. Fortunately, it didn't take long to revive my spirits and put the whole incident in the Lord's capable hands. Pastor Battle was so right. It doesn't matter what's going on if, just like he saw the widow in Nain, Jesus sees me.

As I read my thoughts, I smiled as I recalled a travel group of elderly ladies in route to Prague. It seemed as if they were re-enacting scenes from "The Divine Secrets of the Ya-Ya Sisterhood" right before my eyes. Their thick, southern accents were delightful. They knew their passenger rights as seniors and they took advantage of every one of them. They requested wheelchairs even though every one of them could walk. I was in awe of them--silver-haired, smartly dressed, feisty, faces beat, and no lack of adventurous spirit. I found myself wishing Mommy were still alive and was one of the group. These ladies were living their lives, and I was so proud of them--and inspired by their assertiveness and independence.

When I was finally settled in my room at the hotel last Wednesday morning, I was happy to see that there was a note pad beside the bed. (I don't know why I didn't just use my computer.) At the top of one page I had written and underlined, "Get stronger". Next to that was, "The situation is never petty, silly, or insignificant when it's happening to YOU".
On another page, I wrote:
"I used to have a problem with the comparisons special interest groups made concerning discrimination. No matter what the cause, it was likened to what Black people have endured in America. I used to think that unless you are Black in America, you couldn't possibly understand our specific brand of pain and frustration--until today on that flight. If you're feeling powerless, offended, weak, invisible, ignored, excluded, overlooked, disrespected, accused, belittled...the list may get longer. I think you get it. Hurt is hurt, but know that you have power--even in seemingly powerless situations."

On another page, in bold letters, I wrote, "MANNERS HAVE TO BE TAUGHT!". and "YOU HAVE TO STAY PRAYED UP--CONNECTED!", and finally, "DEAL WITH THE CAUSE, DON'T REACT TO THE RESULTS!".
On yet another piece of paper I'd written, "This Christian walk is all or nothing. Oh, Lord. I'll be wronged. I won't fight back. You've got it. If I do what I want to do, we'll both look crazy. Your way has GOT to be better--even if I never know the outcome...Change occurs when the right person--with clout--refuses to "just deal with it...God will handle it! Don't let the time that God could be spending healing and comforting YOU be spent demonstrating pity and sympathy for, and helping the enemy whose misfortune you wished for, gloated about, and laughed at...It's more important that your feelings be RIGHT, not just understandable. God's watching you, too." After that I remember being compelled to pray for the not-so-nice flight attendants.

On the back of a receipt, I wrote:

If you looked into the lives
Of people who hurt you the worst
You may be surprised to see
They're fairing worse than you
They've got troubles and trials
And problems, and stuff going on
That would make your head spin
And it's proof
What they do is SO not about you.
When you find out
Just take some time out to pray
I know it seems like a crazy way to deal
You wanna clap, and laugh, and gloat
And shout to everybody you know
For just a little while
It might make you feel better--
The thought that they're feeling blue
But God's watching you.

There's a reason why
People do the things they do
You hurt; you cry
But don't let it destroy you
Don't let it annoy you
If there's a chance that tomorrow is coming
Let yesterday and all of its pain fade away
Today's today.
Today's today.

It's so good to be home; great to be with my daughter, but I had such a wonderful time in Germany. The enemy tried to wreck my stay there before I even touched the ground. If he could have kept me fearful, offended and hurt; if he could have convinced me to shut down...SMH...Wow. What a punk loser he is. What a strong tower God is...: )

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