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Friday, April 8, 2011


I know I'm of the generation that believed it was a no-no to walk in church while the preacher is preaching. It was considered a MAJOR infraction punishable by a good talking to by ANYBODY'S mama--or a spanking. You knew better. Go to the restroom before the service began. There was no reason to be mobile while the service was going on--except for the customary offering march.
With that said, I do believe I have a new pet peeve. Photographers CONSTANTLY snapping pictures in church--professional AND amateur. Sometimes, it's just seems unbelievably rude. I know that people have a job to do, but when is enough ENOUGH? When is it time to just use the zoom feature? Sometimes, especially in a small facility, it is just too much. You wonder if you're there to watch the photographer. Unless people just like having their photograph taken, it is a little unnerving having someone shoving a camera in your face every 3 seconds. Exactly what is it that one is attempting to capture? I'm waiting to hear about a pastor who has banned the use of cameras.
Church paparazzi....all that incessant walking/roving/posturing/clicking...I imagine a band of gangster angels tripping them, then taking the batteries out of their cameras, camcorders, and cell phones and throwing them out on the parking lot and screaming with glee as a truck comes along and crushes them to smithereens. I want to find my inner old church mother, snatch the shutterbugs up, glue them to a pew and yell, "SIT YOUR BUSY SELF DOWN AND PAY ATTENTION TO THE MESSAGE!!!!!", but then that would be an even BIGGER, annoying distraction, now wouldn't it? Pray for me. That is all.

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