'Be anxious for nothing..." ~Philippians 4:6

Friday, April 22, 2011


Get preoccupied with, angry about, or puzzled over the perceived prosperity and progress of people who have wronged you, and you'll have an extremely difficult time acknowledging, and being grateful for your own state of being. 
Allow adversity, inspired or orchestrated by others, to consume you, and you'll soon become bitter, spiteful and vengeful. Your own success will be an afterthought. You'll know when you need a major overhaul of your heart and mind when 'what happened' becomes the topic of your every conversation--even with total strangers. You'll DEFINITELY know when, every time you see or hear 'their' name, something turns inside you like the first signs of indigestion. When you get those first pangs of "I'm not over it", or "I can't forget it", RUN immediately to God. Don't stop for anything.
Don't let your purpose in life be hijacked. Don't let the hijacker be YOU. Let God handle the difficult, unforgiving, critical, hurtful people in your life. Let HIM take care of every person who became a willing vessel in the enemy's "steal, kill, and destroy" mission. Yes. You have options of what you COULD do to make yourself feel better, but never forget there is a really awesome plan for your life designed especially by God. He's an expert at making wrong things right. He's a heart changer. He's thorough, and can do a much better job with His creation than you can. 

Refocus. Let go. If you think about it, the people who have caused you pain and grief might have been like Goliath to your life, but they may be dealing with Goliath's bigger, scarier brothers in their OWN lives! Give your life's annoying, destructive giants to God. It's easier said than done, but never mind if:
1. periodically, "they're" going to be where you are--either legitimately, or just to annoy and pick on you
2. "they" have somehow infiltrated your circle of friends, or professional area of expertise
3. "they" STILL act like nothing ever happened
4. "they" have lied about you to gain favor or support
5. "they" have never said, "I'm sorry", rectified the situation, or repaired damages
6. "they're" still laughing/gloating about it
7. "they" still blame you
Don't allow ANY THING to hinder you from going, doing, moving, growing, or learning. In spite of what anyone has said or done to negatively impact your life, God always has his eye on YOU as well. How you behave, respond, and what you say is key. Godly is the way. Always ask Him to monitor your heart and check your attitude. Take the high road. Don't let anyone convince you that you're a coward or a punk for choosing it. It's not high because it's difficult to maneuver, it's because the air is better, you can see farther, and cover more ground. Besides, you need power to climb, and forgiveness is not optional.

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