'Be anxious for nothing..." ~Philippians 4:6

Sunday, December 19, 2010


When you needed a strong defense, they knew exactly where trouble was, and from what source it had ALWAYS been coming, but they stood around and allowed you to repeatedly get hit. Some faked injuries, or kept quiet--fearing for the security of their own positions, or in an attempt to maintain SOME stability in their weak relationships. Others remained on the sidelines to see if you could run the play all by yourself! (Where did they EVER get the idea that you wanted to be a one-man show?) Another group didn't want you in the game, or on the team in the FIRST place, and refused to catch a single ball--but they found a way to criticize, accuse, and blame YOU for the lack of progress toward the goal. Even when YOU didn't see it, some saw the goal calling you. Many times it was literally within inches of you, and instead of cheering you on and realizing that YOUR victory was also THEIRS, they amassed personal fouls and penalties against their own team.

You've scored in the game, and would be greatly appreciated elsewhere, but you're still on the team--you're just not on their field. Some are ecstatic at the thought that you might be inactive, so they check you from time to time--especially when things in their huddle are falling apart. For some reason, if you're not playing on THEIR field, it must mean you're not playing at all, so they look periodically to see if they have successfully crushed your spirit and pushed you into the arms of the opposition. When they realize they have misjudged you, or face the SAME trouble they willingly visited upon you-- from the SAME players with whom they used to run--they seek YOU to be their sounding board, or to offer advice on how to proceed. WHAT?! Seriously? (It's true. What goes around comes back around like a rabid pit bull on new-improved crack.)

They aren't even playing to win, now. No. They're just busy. They've forgotten the rules, the objective, and the plan. They're just happy now if they can even get CLOSE to the goal. They're trying everything--even mediocre things--working themselves silly, and hoping to show you that they can win.Why? You're neither the owner nor the coach. You're just a player, right?

It's okay. It's their issue--not yours. Keep playing. In spite of the drama, ask yourself these important questions:

"Is the check going to be the same?"
"Same rewards?"
"Same benefits?"

"Yes", you say?

Well then, by all means, keep playing...: )

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