'Be anxious for nothing..." ~Philippians 4:6

Monday, March 13, 2017


Sometimes we confuse "being the bigger person" with being in denial about insecurities, or being fearful of finding out the truth of a matter. 
There are grand, friendly gestures that are signs of reconciliation and maturity; the burying of hatchets and past hurts and failures, and then there are zip-danged stupid, poorly conceived actions that expose remnants of pettiness, cattiness, intimidation, fear, and unfinished business. 
Some decisions don't require much thought. The right thing to do is rarely troubling or stressful. Schemes, however, take thought, time, and effort. Schemes can't ever masquerade as olive branches. They're too obvious.  Only genuine olive branches radiate authenticity, goodwill, and honesty.

Never set out to be fake. Work out your feelings before testing them, particularly in public settings. If after considerable thought, and careful observation, and a myriad of irrefutable evidence, you've already put your foot down about a thing, don't pick it back up. It'll be sticky for sure. The resentment, anxiety and disease you will feel is not worth it. Don't be a martyr. Follow your gut. 
Sure. Be nice, pleasant, friendly and gracious, but don't be an idiot. There's enough trouble around without you sending trouble an invitation, and you can probably cite enough of your own trouble without accepting an invitation to walk blindly into some more--no matter how exquisite the stationery is.

If there aren't cinnamon buns involved, avoid sticky situations.
Know your limitations. Acknowledge your growth, or need for continued growth, but don't fool yourself. If you don't want to do something, don't. If you're not ready, wait. If there's some hesitation, there's a reason. Don't ignore your own red flags. 
Don't break your neck setting a special place for people you don't really want at your table, and definitely don't go sitting at tables where you know you're not genuinely welcome. For what? To prove what?  You already know what you can, and can't handle. Don't be a martyr. Don't go jumping through unnecessary hoops and end up getting your feet caught.
You know where, and with whom you are loved, appreciated, comfortable, safe, celebrated, and supported. Marinate there.

Be kind to yourself...: )

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