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Tuesday, May 24, 2011


Last night, I got a phone call suggesting that I tune in to the news. Out of all of the inspiring, challenging things that Brendan V. Sullivan said to the graduates of the Law Center, the local news thought something else was more newsworthy. They didn't mention that Judge Gladys Kessler received an honorary degree, or highlight the valedictorian and salutatorian of the Class of 2011. They didn't mention the brief rain, the number of students who signed the Pro Bono pledge, The Washington Metropolitan Brass, or the interfaith invocation. They didn't mention the young man who walked across the stage to get his diploma while cradling his infant child in one arm, and holding on to the hand of his toddler. Nooooo. The evening news decided to go with a spelling error.

I usually pick up on spelling errors. This time, someone else had to point it out to me. No wonder, as we left Healy Lawn, there were so many booklets left on the seats and grass.
There, printed on the front cover of the commencement booklet was "GEORGETOWN UNIVERISTY". I looked at it, as the newscaster spoke, and laughed. I'd usually be a stickler for that kind of carelessness. This time, I couldn't care less. I am, and will probably be indefinitely in Hysterically Happy Mother mode.
Let's see. How about this:

Univeristy- n. a single entity founded upon, and committed to realism and truth

There. A made up definition for a made up word. Problem solved--for ME anyhow.
As long as my baby's whole name is spelled correctly on her diploma, and on page 324 of said booklet, I don't care if whomever was responsible for the unfortunate blunder, had spelled "university" with a Y, two C's and an apostrophe. I'm much too overjoyed to care. I have THREE of the booklets, and doubt if I'll email the university for a corrected copy. The boo-boo is a part of the day. A lovely punchline to the highly satisfying, commendable, and thankful end of 3 years of extremely hard work and sacrifice.

I heard my baby's name called, followed by "Juris Doctor". She graduated in February, and walked proudly across the Gaston Hall stage yesterday afternoon to shake the hands of her professors. She also sat for the bar exam in February--and PASSED (Praise Jesus). She will be sworn in soon in Annapolis. She has a job she enjoys at a firm where the partners appreciate, value and encourage her.
No typo can change any of that, or dampen my spirits. No amount of needling, giggling, or finger-pointing will change the way I feel. I am beside myself (a little tired from the festivities of the weekend), but STILL smiling.

It's the avoidable mistakes that seem to sting the most. Critics and hecklers, who can't wait to take a swipe at the people who make them, can be cruel. I couldn't care less about them either. I'm too hilariously proud of my baby, and every other hard working student who is now considered a daughter or son of Georgetown University.

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