'Be anxious for nothing..." ~Philippians 4:6

Saturday, October 16, 2010

Grateful Thoughts

Do what you love--what brings you joy...and don't let anyone turn it into a chore. Don't let anyone add on their requirements, rules or standards. Don't let anyone cause you to despise what you love to do. You were born for a purpose. There's something that only you can do the way that you will do it. Embrace it. Take care of it. It will make you suddenly smile. There will be a twinge in your heart that lets you know, "This is for me. This is where I belong. This is the light that I am supposed to shine--not for my own glory, but for the one who so graciously allowed it."
Then thank Him for it. Thank God for whatever it is that draws you close to Him. Thank Him for whatever it is that reminds you how great He is. After all, it has to be His doing to so overwhelm your heart that you suddenly realize why you're alive. Thank him for those moments when you realize that He is faithful and always keeps his promises.

I'm home from the studio session. Richard has written the most wonderful songs once again. Steven Ford is ably guiding us from his seat at the console. The music is glorious. I thought I'd be tired, but I'm just so grateful. I don't know if this day could have turned out any better.

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