'Be anxious for nothing..." ~Philippians 4:6

Tuesday, February 7, 2017



In public they speak
Their souls for sale
But look into their eyes
Therein is Good that hates the lies
I think they go home and cry

In rolled the greed-filled tide
That swept them up
Poisoned their minds
Unable to put their pride aside
I think they went home and cried

There’s no hiding
True thoughts; pure angst
Their faces do betray
Every word they say is scrutinized
I think they go home and cry

How does fear do its damning thing?
How does it convince the mind
To stand for wrong, and punish right?
I think they go home and cry

To see the error of one’s way
Yet plow forward; surmise
That hurting lives at whim is wise
I think they go home and cry

When the deals are done
They win, but you lose
Quickly they forget
They once needed you
They flash their strained smiles
Knowing all the while
Some choice they have made
Will upset and rile

They get into their cars
Struggle with each breath
Guilt and shame impede
Sorrow overwhelms
They get to their doors
Scarcely get inside
Drop their things and scream
Close their eyes and cry

What’s done to others will transfer
And grief be multiplied
And callous acts in mirrors shine
Wealth won't heal or immortalize
Tears will try to materialize
They will--at death--apologize
And none will mourn
Though some will sigh
But NONE will go home and cry

VRW ©2017

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