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Friday, January 13, 2017


Live performances are often their bread and butter. Live performances provide exposure. Have you invited them to entertain at your organization's event lately?  
We play CD's. We copy CD's. We watch youtube videos. We don't go to concerts, and when we do, we want comp tickets. We don't buy music like we used to. How do entertainers make a living?

We get mad when people perform in what we consider unorthodox places. We lose it when genres mix. But do we ever consider how our favorites support themselves?Are they okay or one paycheck away from bankruptcy? Do we begrudge people opportunities to enrich themselves to make ourselves feel better about them? Do we expect our favorites to share our political views in addition to providing good music?

Many don't see what singers and musicians do as a profession. (They have bills to pay, too.) When there's a potentially big payday, do politics matter? Is it a matter of loyalty, integrity, conscience, principles, or values? Is it possible to go and sing and it not be tantamount to "singing, dancing and picking the cotton"?

Is every person who goes to work on inauguration day, a supporter of the incoming administration, or will they just be doing their jobs? Have police officers, drivers, restaurateurs, hotel employees, stage crews, construction workers, parking attendants, etc. been declaring that they will not show up at work that day because they don't want their efforts to be misconstrued as solidarity with the President-elect?

We're awfully hard on entertainers who may have financial choices to make. Entertainers who have been invited to perform at the inauguration are in an interesting position. "Do I take advantage of the vast audience-- which may include potential NEW fans--on both sides of the aisle; do I pay off a few bills, or decline in silent protest of the election results, forfeit a payday, and maintain the support of my base?"

Do we as fans and consumers say, "Chile, please! GO GET THAT COIN!!!!" Are we asking how much the check is supposed to be, and offering to MATCH it so that the entertainers don't have to suffer a loss? Are we creating alternative, equally lucrative events where entertainers can perform since we don't want them performing over THERE for THAT?

IS performing at the inauguration just another gig to an entertainer, but treason and a career death wish to his or her fans? 

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