'Be anxious for nothing..." ~Philippians 4:6

Wednesday, July 21, 2010


Today is a defining day for some, a rough day for others. It's wrought with activity for some and stillness for others. Some will hate to see it end, while others will be happy to see midnight, and tear the page with today's date out of every available calendar. No matter what, we're still here, and that in itself, no matter what the day holds is enough to muster a smile and some gratitude. We all have to remember we're not alone or without resources- even if it seems that way. It's so good to know that.
I woke up with a headache. That's unusual. It went away so quickly, though. There was so much in my heart to say. it just came pouring out as I typed. I'd left the laptop on the bed (wonder what Dr. Oz has to say about that?)and emptied my thoughts until they stopped.

Of course others will try to tear you down. The pity is when they're successful at it, in part, because you helped them.

Consider what God knows and who he is, and if you have to, re-think your plans for the day.

Remember who you represent, and do it with integrity so that looking at yourself in the mirror won't be a shame inducing activity.

"Just this one time" has often been, for some, the last time. Stay focused. Remember you DO have standards that are not negotiable.

Consider the strides you have made with the help of a merciful God. Don't be swayed by the subtle suggestions of one who hates him AND you.

Wherever you find yourself, positively affect the atmosphere- don't let it affect you. Perhaps you no longer fit in--and that's okay.

The landscape of seemingly great opportunities are often riddled with traps. Mischief loves company. Decline its invitation.

Someone despises the progress you've made. Stay focused wherever you are. Decline invitations that scream, "Regression anyone?".

The superficial always pales in comparison to the substantive, and tries in vain to assert it's newness as strength. There's a reason why some things never seem to grow old. Don't compete with, belittle, envy or attempt to replace them. Learn from them.

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